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Author & Title: Pino Parini, Operative criteria for stimulating imagination, fantasy and creativity (Pino Parini Copyright 2006).



The prejudice that imagination, fantasy and creativity are inborn gifts, a privilege of few people, contributes to exclude them from any form of teaching activity. An opposite view is presented here. The experiments carried out by the Scuola Operativa Italiana on “multi-value shapes” evidence the importance that the attentional mechanisms have for the structuring and shaping of things and more in general for perception. The awareness of the importance of the attentional mechanisms makes it possible for us to overcome the stereotypes, mainly determined by the mental representation or image we have of things, that characterize our usual way of representing and perceiving things. Some operative strategies and learning techniques developed on the basis of this awareness are proposed to free oneself from stereotypy, and set free imagination and creativity: from the material use of “blots”, “movement patterns”, “rhythmic patterns”, “multi-value patterns” and “counter-templates” to the more abstract use of “combination rules”. By means of these operative strategies and learning techniques we reach an understanding that any product of the imagination or fantasy requires in every case an execution which is articulated according to the timing and phases of a rigorous procedure.


 Keywords: imagination, creativity, mental image, mental representation, attention, constitutive structure, multi-value shape, stereotype, aesthetic observation, design


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